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An attentive student of Tango since 2001, in the most complete sense of the term: Music, Poetry, and Dance.

He deepens his understanding of tango through a profound journey of knowledge alongside famous musicians, poets, DJs, and dancers.

He loves improvisation as it is the true way to dance in a milonga where every musical situation requires different adjustments and allows one to never be repetitive in performance or teaching.

He seeks the true meaning of tango in the embrace and its various nuances, understood as the combination of arts: MUSIC, POETRY, THEATER, DANCE.

In 2008, he founded the Porto Tango association to bring Argentine Tango full-time with:

  • Courses for groups of beginner/intermediate/advanced dancers
  • Musicality courses forming tango DJs
  • Male/female technique courses
  • Individual (private) lessons
  • Organization of milongas, festivals, and events


He studied tango with the greatest masters on the world stage, performing in various theatrical locations and live with various orchestras. Most importantly, he experienced the milongas of the world, traveling frequently in search of the true milonguero dynamics… from Milan, Padua, Bologna, Venice, Florence, Budapest, London, Paris, Rennes, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt, Moscow, Amman, Buenos Aires, etc., where he trained and perfected the communicative and essential style of Argentine tango.


He hosted and studied for long periods with the great DJ Felix Picherna (a legend in the world of tango), and with Marta Kraglievich (tango enthusiast and Argentine historian).

A pianist since the age of 7, he studied and collaborated with great pianists including Hugo Aisemberg, Fabrizio Mocata, Diego Ramos. He delved into the historical evolution and stylistic choices of various tango orchestras, gradually becoming aware of the vastness of the subject along with the fact that tango cannot be danced well without basic cultural knowledge.

In 2012, he met Horacio Ferrer, the “lyricist” of Astor Piazzolla.

He frequently taught musicality together with the great DJ Felix Picherna, Miguel di Genova (Otros Aires), Ruben Peloni, Fabrizio Mocata, Simone Marini, Adrian Fiormaonti, etc.


He promoted Argentine culture and dance through numerous meetings, events, and Argentine tango festivals since 2007 (the Ports Festival annually from 2008 to 2015).

In 2008, he founded the association “ASD Porto Tango,” bringing tango and its culture, with love, to the knowledge of many people.

He taught and performed as a guest in the milongas of Tel Aviv (Israel), Moscow (Russia), Amman (Jordan), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Verona, Padua, Venice, Bologna, Viareggio where he performed for the Argentine embassy in Italy, and has been teaching regularly for over 14 years in his schools in Vicenza, Rovigo, Venice, and Padua.

Since November 2017, he has been a recognized Argentine tango teacher for the blind by UICI, the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

He is a 5th level Argentine tango teacher recognized by FAITANGO (ACSI), the Federation of Italian Argentine Tango Associations.

During the pandemic, he was the first to create an educational platform on Zoom exclusively dedicated to Tango, inviting teachers, scholars, and artists, including Fabrizio Mocata, Miguel di Genova (Otros Aires), Tango Splin, and some members of the National Academy of Tango in Buenos Aires, such as Francisco Tornè (grandson of Anibal Troilo) and Alicia Contursi (daughter of José María Contursi).

During the pandemic, more than 50 educational lessons were conducted, all recorded and available online, turning that period into a time of study and great union among cultures.

In the 2023/24 season:

He organized and conducted 54 milongas, all preceded by literary meetings led by him and the Argentine writer Pablo Helman, discussing theses by Contursi, Cadicamo, Ferrer, etc.

Hosted musicians: Fabrizio Mocata, Franco Luciani, Martin Alvarado, Walter Lucherini, etc.

Guest dancers with whom he taught: Romina Godoy, Gisela Natoli, Costanza Gruber, Laura Perale

DJs: Damian Boggio, Pier Aldo Vignazia, Dani Vinarino, Graziano Paissan, Carlo Carcano, etc.

In the 2024/2025 season, we plan to repeat the previous performance to promote tango.

  • 4-7 luglio 2019 — Trento Tango al Buio ballando con i sensi evento per ipovedenti e ciechi
  • 5-9 settembre 2019 — Mosca
  • 7-10 novembre 2019 — Tel Aviv (Israele)
  • 16-19 gennaio 2020 — Tango & Neve a St. Vigilio di Marebbe (BZ)
  • 8-11 febbraio 2020 — Amman Giordania
  • 20-22 ottobre 2022 — Vicenza insegna con Gisela Natoli
  • 21-04 nov. dic. 2022 — Buenos Aires Argentina
  • 01-02 Aprile 2023 — Vicenza insegna con Romina Godoy e Gisela Natoli
  • 10 luglio agosto 2023 – Show in varie piazze con Alessia Moreschi
  • 25-10 nov dic. 2023 — Buenos Aires con Romina e Gisela
  • 25 feb. 2024 – Vicenza con Costanza Gruber
  • 23-24 marzo 2024 – Vicenza con Romina Godoy
  • 28 aprile 2024 – Vicenza con Gisela Natoli
  • 20 ottobre 2024 – Vicenza con Gisela Natoli
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